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When evaluating Drug Pricing Tools, consider the following advantages offered by ProspectoRx:

More Relevant “Market Basket” Classifications
Use ProspectoRx’s Market Classification Search to develop queries that organize products in competing “market baskets.” This classification system is more applicable to how drug products are actually used in the healthcare industry today.

  • Manufacturers are better equipped to price alike products competitively
  • Payers can more accurately evaluate and compare drugs used to treat specific disease states, leading to more functional formularies

“Live” Updates
ProspectoRx delivers immediate access to price changes and new product information – better than daily, because delays may cost you money. Data is updated constantly throughout the day as we receive new communications from manufacturers.

Complete Service from a Single Source
Gold Standard is responsible for both developing and supplying all the data in ProspectoRx. Working with one reliable source saves you from the aggravations inherent in dealing with multiple vendors and “middlemen.” Should you ever have a question or request of your ProspectoRx subscription, you will always work directly with us – and get the truly efficient, exceptional service you deserve.

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