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Custom pricing data with the ease of the web
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Searching Functionality
User Preferences
Technical Information

Quick Search

  • One-step lookup for individual products
  • Search by industry standard identifiers, including NDC, UPC and NHRIC, in 10- or 11-digit format
  • Search by label name, generic name, company name or labeler code

Product Search
  • Search by product, ingredients, package identifier or company
  • Find a specific product by name, find all generics for a brand name product, or search by product name to locate all products in a class
  • Returns specific or broad results depending on the extent of your search criteria

Hierarchy Collection Search
  • Organizes products as a compilation of drug items (unique dosage forms with one or more active drug ingredients) and non-drug items (e.g., syringes, applicators, test strips)
  • Incorporates a product’s therapeutic intent; a crucial distinction for accurate data analysis, as there are numerous instances where products are identical in their ingredients, strength and dosage form, yet differ in their therapeutic intent (e.g., Bupropion HCL 150 mg ER tabs for smoking cessation, versus Bupropion HCL 150 mg ER tabs for depression)
  • Create and save queries based on six hierarchy levels, from broad to granular
  • Classifies and groups drug products with an unprecedented level of precision:
    o Ingredient(s)
    o Ingredient(s) + dosage form
    o Ingredient(s) + strength(s) + dosage form
    o Ingredient(s) + strength(s) + dosage form + therapeutic intent (if designated)

Market Classification Search

  • Create and save queries based on the Market Classification System, which groups products together in competing “market baskets”
  • Delivers the ultimate practicality and relevance for real-world application
  • Examples of “root” market classifications include: cardiovascular system, central nervous system, hospital solutions, respiratory system

Date-Oriented Search

  • Stay informed on the current marketplace; specify a date range to see unlimited price histories/price changes
  • View all off-market changes over a specified time period (current or historical)
  • Set automatic email notifications via your custom “Watch List” to monitor price changes and new product additions for products and markets that are important to you

Customizable User Preferences
  • Display only the results you need
  • Pre-define a minimum default date for historical price searches
  • Pre-select and customize the data fields and their order of appearance in your search results
  • Turn on/off “% price change” from the previous price update
  • Apply filters for pinpoint results (e.g., filter by market status, brand/generic status, private label status, repackaged status)
  • Seven price types are included in the price type filter: AWP, C-AWP-25, C-AWP-20, WAC, CMS- FUL, C-CMS-FUL, DP (see below for descriptions).
    The flexible architecture of ProspectoRx also allows for rapid inclusion of new price types as they enter the marketplace

Price Types Include:

  • AWP (Average Wholesale Price) – Remains the primary benchmark for billing and claim reimbursement. AWP is supplied for all packages in which the marketing firm reports a suggested average wholesale price
  • C-AWP 1.20 and 1.25 (Calculated Average Wholesale Price) – Remains the primary benchmark for billing and claim reimbursement. C-AWP is calculated for those not suggesting an AWP; includes both 20% and 25% markups
  • WAC (Wholesale Acquisition Cost) – List price to wholesalers or direct purchasers, not including prompt pay/discounts/rebates
  • CMS-FUL (Federal Upper Limit) – CMS pricing for multiple source drugs marketed by two or more manufacturers/suppliers or labelers; available as unit pricing only
  • C-CMS-FUL (Calculated Federal Upper Limit) – Based on same methodology CMS uses to calculate FUL; useful as early predictor of FUL
  • DP (Direct Price) – List price to non-wholesalers, not including prompt pay/discounts/rebates. This is populated for companies that sell both to wholesalers and direct to customers

Customizable Search Results

  • Choose your output from a wide selection of drug attributes
  • Click on column headers to sort by any data field; lock and resize columns
  • Export search results into external programs (e.g., Excel, Access, etc.). You can manipulate output to display as desired, and create graphs/charts for tracking price histories
  • Save and reuse your frequently needed searches for quick reference
  • For optimal convenience in comparative analysis, market classifications are automatically included in your search results, with hyperlinks to data for all competing products in a class

Technical Information

  • Standalone internet-based application with no programming required.
  • Secure web access via convenient usernames/passwords; easily accommodates multiple users.
  • Simple, intuitive interface requires virtually no training.
  • Please contact us for complete technical specifications.
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